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Botswana: Tlou Energy completes transmission line for Lesedi Project

January 26, 2024

Tlou Energy has completed the construction of a 66KVpower transmission line, linking the Lesedi gas-to-power facility in Botswana to both the national grid and the regional Southern African Power Pool.

Linked to the Serowe substation, the transmission network requires the installation of a switchgear at the substation and the completion of another substation in Lesedi before activation.

Lesedi’s substation, essential for linking the transmission line with Lesedi’s power producing units, is now at 38% completion, according to Tlou Energy in a press statement.

The firm is now in negotiations with various key partners to raise the remaining funds necessary to complete the project. The transmission line is expected to be operational by mid-2024.

As part of a 100 MW Power Purchase Agreement with state utility Botswana Power, the project will provide power to consumers in Botswana and southern Africa, assuring energy stability and affordability.

Source: Energy Ghana