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CERAWeek: Kyari Calls for Differentiated Energy Transition for Africa

As global calls for cleaner energy fuels intensify, Mr Mele Kyari, Group CEO of Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPC) Ltd., has advocated for a diversified strategy to achieving energy transition for the African continent.

He made the call while speaking at a Leadership Dialogue Session at the ongoing CERAWeek Conference in Houston, United States, on Tuesday.

According to the GCEO, energy transition is a difficult subject for countries, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa, because the situations vary geographically, with some countries dealing with energy availability rather than transition, and energy availability is closely linked to energy security.

“The world has seen all the challenges thrown up recently by geopolitical events. It is clear that before the energy transition, countries must first attain security of energy supply in their countries. You cannot talk about energy security when it is not even available. In most of sub-Saharan Africa, 70% of the population doesn’t have access to clean cooking fuels. Therefore, you must fill the supply gap first,” he stated.

He added that, although people discuss utilising renewables to close the energy transition gap, funding for renewables must also be provided.

“If you insist on completing substitution today, then you have to deal with the problem of supply. For us today, the transition must be differentiated. Even if Africa decides to switch off its fossil fuels, it only accounts for just about 3% of the entire global emissions,” the GCEO added.

Source: Energy Ghana