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ECG goes after illegal connectors

January 26, 2024

The Electricity Company of Ghana is preparing to go after those who use electricity illegally in the country, according to the Director of Communication, William Boateng.

He emphasised that all other issues resulting in energy theft and commercial losses for the company will be addressed in the revenue mobilisation process.

In an interview with the media [Daily Graphic], Mr Boateng noted that the implementation of the ECG digital dashboard has assisted in identifying households that pay for the electricity they use.

The exercise is backed by the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission and will be undertaken all year long.

The Director warned anyone who attempts to physically obstruct any member of the deployed task force from carrying out this lawful mission risked having their electricity disconnected.

Each member of the task force has a company ID and must provide it as confirmation of his mission.

“However, if customers have any doubts about the authenticity of the ID, they can call the customer care lines at the call centre on 030-2611-611 dedicated to this service for prompt verification and clearance,” Mr Boateng stated.

As part of the arrangement to guarantee that members of the task force, and by extension all other members of staff, performed their duties professionally and ethically, customer service hotlines had been opened for the general public to express all concerns, he added.

Source: Energy Ghana