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Eni announces completion of the Cronos-2 gas well in Cyprus

January 26, 2024

Eni has announced the successful completion of the Cronos-2 well, which was drilled to evaluate the Cronos finding in Block 6, offshore Cyprus, in August 2022. The production test enabled the estimation of a well production capacity in excess of 150 MMSCFD in production configuration, which is essential in moving on with the studies to identify the ideal fast-track development option.

Cronos-2 was drilled to validate the lateral extension of the Cronos gas discovery, which is approximately 3 km distant, and to examine reservoir characteristics through a production test. The well met the same carbonate reservoir sequence as Cronos-1, indicating hydraulic connectivity and connecting a substantial gas column with excellent permeability intervals.

In addition to intensive data collecting, Cronos-2 performed a full and sustained production test, demonstrating the discovery’s exceptional gas deliverability capacity.

Cronos-2 is the fourth successive finding in Block 6, following Cronos-1, Calypso-1, and Zeus-1, and it verifies the area’s significant development prospects. Block 6 is operated by Eni, which owns 50% and shares the remaining 50% with TotalEnergies. Eni also owns Blocks 2, 3, 8, and 9, and has a stake in Blocks 7 and 11 managed by TotalEnergies

Source: Energy Ghana