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Ethiopia: Tigray Electric Service to fully restore in June

January 26, 2024

The Tigray State Electric Utility has said that the restoration of war-damaged power lines and other electric infrastructure will be completed in June.

The utility’s CEO, Mesfin Geberemedhin, informed the Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA) that the Ethiopian Electric Utility (EEU) has committed 1.7 billion Birr to rehabilitate Tigray’s electric infrastructure, which was significantly destroyed during the state’s last conflict.

The conflict has devastated Tigray’s electric infrastructure, although attempts have been made to address the difficulties and assure service availability.

While the replacement of wooden electric poles with concrete poles is well underway, the utility has created a close collaboration with the EEU to finish the rehabilitation of damaged power lines and reconnect the disconnected system.

The CEO also noted that the company has managed to build 11, 000 concrete poles out of the 16,000 planned, as well as install a considerable length of power lines and prepare the infrastructure for electricity transmission.

In addition, the company has been building electrical infrastructure in 33 Tigray districts and has undertaken coordinated measures to close the state’s electric service provision gaps.

Source: Energy Ghana