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Ghana to achieve universal electricity access by 2024 – Deputy Energy Minister

Deputy Energy Minister Herbert Krapa, has said Ghana is on track to provide universal access to power by 2024.

He made this statement during a panel discussion at a recent G20 India 2023 Energy Transition Working Group event in the Indian city of Goa on the theme: ‘Powering Progress in the Global South, Accessible and Affordable Clean Energy for All.’

He noted that following the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland, the Ministry of Energy made a courageous move to build the country’s Energy Transition Framework, which was announced in Egypt during COP27.

The Deputy Minister stated that Ghana’s installed energy capacity has reached 5,367MW, with solar energy accounting for 3.2% of total installed capacity. He stated that the country will attain 1,350MW of installed contemporary renewable energy capacity in the mix by 2030, in accordance with the renewable energy policy aim.

He said, “The economy will be fueled largely by electricity with a future electricity demand modeled at 380,000 GWh with a corresponding installed generation capacity of 83GW by 2070. An estimated 200million tonnes of CO2 equivalent emission will be saved when it is finally completed. ​

Source: Energy Ghana