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GRIDCo Flags ECG’s Noncompliance to load-shedding directives, Urges Minister’s Intervention

The Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCo) has voiced concern over the Electricity Company of Ghana’s refusal to provide a load-shedding timeline for consumers amidst continuous power outages.

In a compliance letter dated March 28 to the Minister of Energy, Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh, GRIDCo expressed significant concerns over ECG’s inability to implement the load-shedding management directives provided by the National System Control Centre (NSCC).

GRIDCo noted that ECG’s noncompliance posed significant risks to the integrity of the power grid, noting cases where ECG’s inability to comply resulted in a decline in system frequency in some locations.

“We note with grave concern the repeated instances where Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) Operations personnel fail to follow load management instructions issued by the SCC. This non-compliance poses a significant threat to the stability of the power grid, potentially leading to avoidable power outages for customers and system collapse

“The SCC routinely communicates load management directives to ECG Operations. However, these instructions are often either not effected or inadequately implemented. This results in a decline in system frequency, triggering.”

GRIDCo has indicated that situations in which they are held responsible for emergency disconnections do not adequately reflect the actual reality. They further stated that ECG’s disregard for load management instruction is a violation of rules.

“When these emergency disconnections occur, ECG publishes customer notices attributing the loss of power supply to GRIDCo, which is not an accurate description of the current situation. Furthermore, ECG’s disregard for load management instructions is a clear violation of the regulations.”

As a result, GRIDCo wants the Minister to intervene to ensure that ECG follows the issuing of a load-shedding timetable.

Source: Energy Ghana