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Make sanctions against Sentuo Oil Refinery public – COPEC and IES to NPA

January 26, 2024

The Institute for Energy Security (IES) and the Chamber of Petroleum Consumers (COPEC) have requested the National Petroleum Authority to make public the list of sanctions imposed on the Chinese-owned Sentuo Oil Refinery.

IES and COPEC voiced concern that the refinery was operating without authorisation from the National Petroleum Authority and producing inferior fuel. The two organisations threatened to petition the courts and request a probe by the Office of the Special Prosecutor.
In a statement issued on February 25, 2024, the IES and COPEC called on the NPA to offer compensation packages for individuals who have been affected by the substandard products supplied by Sentuo.

“Finally, the NPA must be made aware of the fact that any such sanctions on the Chinese refinery must factor due and appropriate compensations to both Association of Oil Marketing Companies and its members affected by the bad fuel and its attendant challenges on their facilities as well as the consumers who patronized these products and are currently grappling with one issue or the other on their engines,” the statement added.

However, the NPA has refuted claims of being lenient towards Sentuo Oil Refinery, stating that it has consistently enforced industry regulations fairly.

Source: Energy Ghana