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Morocco: ONCF electric trains achieve 90% transition to green energy

January 26, 2024

Morocco’s National Railways Office (Office National des Chemins de Fer ONCF) has announced that starting early 2024, 90% of its electric trains would use “green” energy.

The national railway operator originally aimed for 25% of trains to run on renewable energy, but it has now surpassed that objective, with 90% of electric trains running on wind power. This achievement contributes to ONCF’s bigger objective of becoming carbon neutral by 2035, proving the organisation’s dedication to environmental sustainability.

The ONCF has implemented a number of environmentally friendly initiatives, including ISO certification for rail sites, impact studies for major projects, an annual carbon footprint assessment, the use of an eco-driving system, and the incorporation of photovoltaic (solar) energy technologies in buildings and stations.

In January 2024, ONCF achieved accreditation for its MAD 1 billion ($99 thousand) green bond, demonstrating its commitment to low-carbon, sustainable transport and conforming to the “Green Bonds Framework.”

Morocco has demonstrated a strong commitment to renewable energy, with expectations of a significant rise in green energy expenditures by 2027. Energy Minister Leila Benali emphasised the government’s priority on promoting private sector investment in the green energy industry, projecting a four-fold growth between 2009 and 2022

Source: Energy Ghana