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Mozambique: AMEA Power to develop a 125 MW solar power project in Mozambique

January 24 , 2024

Mozambique is aiming to extend electricity supply to thousands of homes in the country by building a solar power plant known as the Matambo solar energy project. The 125 MW is expected to reduce around 232,900 tonnes of CO2 emissions generated by the country.

The Matambo project is a collaboration between AMEA Power, a Dubai-based renewables developer, and Mozambican firm Hidropower. This collaboration was formalized during the recent climate summit in Dubai. The plant will be located in Matambo, northern Mozambique.

Once completed it would meet the country’s and neighbouring Southern African countries’ expanding energy needs. Even though the country possesses significant hydropower and natural gas reserves, only 39% of the population has access to energy. Besides addressing the demand for power, the project at its development stage would provide 1500 employment opportunities for the indigenes, thereby adding to the nation’s economy.

The project will be valued at US$ 150 million and will be sponsored by Mozambique’s National Investment Bank (BNI).

Mozambique’s journey to net zero carbon emissions is underway, as the country has begun to harness solar electricity, specifically AMEA electricity’s 125 MW.  The Southern African nation generates around 80% of its electricity from renewable sources, the majority of which comes from hydropower. The variety of electricity sources provides assurance for the country to satisfy its energy demands while minimising climate change

Source: Energy Ghana