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Mozambique: Zambia negotiating purchase of more electricity

Zambia’s state-owned energy provider, ZESCO, is in talks with Electricity of Mozambique (EDM), to boost the amount of electricity it imports from the neighbouring nation to 120 MegaWatts (MW), according to Zambian Energy Minister Peter Kapala.

Mr Kapala added that Zambia currently imports 50 to 90 MW of energy from Mozambique, which it intends to increase to meet demand, while also gradually withdrawing 120 MW of energy from its export market, which it sells through bilateral contracts, a plan that will be implemented by December 2024.

According to the agreement signed by Marcelino Gildo Alberto, chairman of EDM’s board of directors, and Victor Benjamin Mapani, director general of ZESCO, this is a Power Supply Agreement (PSA) that “makes possible” the “firm” sale to the neighbouring country of 50 MW during off-peak hours and a further 200 MW “non-firm”.

On the other side, the two parties extended their agreement to prolong the term of cross-border electricity supplies to Zumbo, Tete province, this time from Zambia.

Source: Energy Ghana