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Recent power outages will be rectified within two weeks – Deputy Energy Minister designate

Deputy Minister-designate for the Energy Ministry, Collins Adomako-Mensah,  has indicated that the government will take action within the next two weeks to address the recent power outages that have occurred across the country.

In an interview with the media, Mr.Adomako-Mensah assured the people that the government is completely dedicated to resolving the situation.

He acknowledged the recent power disruptions and said that work is ongoing to resolve the issue within the next two weeks.

“I admit that for the past two or three weeks, there have been some power outages, but it is interesting that the two-week power outages are causing the Minority to have a press conference. I am yet to fully settle into the [Energy] Ministry, but my little interaction that I have had with the officers in the Ministry before my vetting is that this should be taken care of in the next two weeks.”

The Public Utilities and Regulatory Commission (PURC) has ascribed the recent intermittent power outages to insufficient fuel supply and plans to work with Independent Power Producers to identify solutions.

Source: Energy Ghana