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Selection of vendors for construction of nuclear plant scheduled for 2024 — Energy Ministry

The Deputy Director in charge of Power (Nuclear and Alternative Energy) at the Ministry of Energy (MoE), Robert Sogbadji has disclosed that the government is prepared to announce vendor firms that will build the country’s first nuclear power plant by the end of 2024.

 This came after multiple discussions and agreements with foreign suppliers and partners who indicated interest in developing the facility.

The announcement, which is expected this year, is one of the important milestones in phase two of the country’s Nuclear Power Project, after the completion of phase one and the delivery of a full report to the government in 2021.

Mr. Sogbadji made this reveal while addressing the media at a policy dialogue in Accra organized by the Centre of Excellence in Public Utility Regulation (CEPUR) on the topic “Energy Transition Now: Fast, Smart, and Resilient”. It was organised to commemorate the 2024 World Sustainable Energy Day.

“We’re currently in phase two of our nuclear power programme, and by the end of this year, we should be able to announce our vendor company to build our first nuclear power plant, which we foresee to be in the energy mix by 2030,” Dr Sogbadji said.

“So, by 2030 or 2032, we would have advanced strongly towards meeting net zero and meet energy transition goals,” he said.

Regarding the country’s US$561.9 billion financial requirement for energy transformation, Dr. Sogbadji stated that the government has created a strategic plan to raise around 46% from the private sector.

Source: Energy Ghana