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SOCAR, Congo Discuss Oil and Gas Collaboration

In an effort to strengthen international collaborations in the oil and gas industry, Rovshan Najaf, President of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR), engaged in discussions with the Republic of Congo’s Presidential Adviser for International Strategy Francoise Joly.

The conversation between Najaf and Joly focused on prospective partnership prospects between Azerbaijan and the Republic of Congo in several areas of the oil and gas industry. The discussions centred on potential collaborations in the trade of oil and oil-based products, as well as efforts geared at human capital development in the industry.

Azerbaijan’s expansive global energy efforts, which represent the country’s strategic posture as a major participant in the energy industry, were a main feature of the conversation. Additionally, Najaf shed light on SOCAR’s diversified activities across many nations, as well as its continuing collaborative projects with various partners.

The conversation between Azerbaijan and the Republic of Congo highlights their common desire in using their respective strengths and resources to foster growth and innovation in the oil and gas industry.

Source: Energy Ghana