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Tullow and associates invest nearly $19bn in Ghana since 2010

Since the start of commercial oil production in Ghana in 2010, Tullow Oil and its valued partners have started on a spectacular journey of investment and expansion, putting about $19 billion into the country’s expanding oil sector.

This huge investment has not only spurred the rise of Ghana’s economic landscape but has also provided significant returns, with an amazing $6 billion in revenue going back to the government coffers over the same period.

In a recent meeting with the investment community during its “Facts behind the Figures” session at the Ghana Stock Exchange, Wissam Al-Monthiry, Tullow Ghana’s Managing Director, emphasised the company’s steadfast commitment to promoting Ghana’s economic growth. Al-Monthiry’s words reflected Tullow’s commitment to not only doing business but also actively contributing to the improvement of the communities in which it works.

 “Over the years, we have contributed significantly to Ghana’s economic growth. We have supported the communities in which we operate and made dreams come true for many in the country”.

“It speaks to the consistency of our commitment to build a better future for our host country through responsible oil and gas development. We see great potential in our existing assets and with timely support from key stakeholders, we can deliver even greater benefit to the people of Ghana”, Mr Al- Monthiry said.

The UK multinational company operates two of the major oil fields in Ghana, Jubilee and TEN, in collaboration with key partners like Kosmos Energy, GNPC, Petro SA, and JOHL.

Source: Energy Ghana