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Western Region To Get $300m Oil Tank Farm.  

The Western Region is scheduled to get a $300 million fuel tank farm to be built at Ahuntumano, near Dixcove in the Ahanta West Municipality of the region.

The 62,000-cubic-metre-capacity tank farm, which is expected to be one of the largest in the country, will be able to store up to 62,000,000 liters of petroleum products at a time. It would have six loading bays and 13,500 cubic meters of water for firefighting.

Saint Louis Petroleum, the petroleum products storage company which will undertake the construction of the farm, explains that when completed, the tank farm would be beneficial in supplying fuel to large commercial consumers in the mining, bauxite, and manganese industry. The project is expected to provide more than 2500 jobs to the local people.

The company was set up as a bulk oil distributor mainly to supply and distribute fuel to entities in the petrochemical industry. Specifically, it builds tank farms to store refined fuel for distribution to Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs).

Saint Louis Petroleum’s Group Chief Executive, Nana Kwame Nkansah II, said the operational phase of the project would involve constructing pipelines from the harbor at Takoradi to the project site, and afterward the building of the fuel tank farm.

Meanwhile, ahead of the commencement of the first phase of the project in early January 2019, evaluators have been contracted to estimate the worth of properties on the proposed site for payment of due compensation to the rightful land owners. 

The chief and natives of the area have also been encouraged by the Member of Parliament for the area, Kojo Kum, to be supportive of the project and the company so that the construction will see a smooth sail to the mutual benefit of all parties involved, including the entire community.

Ahanta West Coordinating Director, Innocent Haligah, also urged the investors to operate within the confines of the law so they can operate without stress.